Q. Who needs to have coverage under the Industrial Multi-Sector Stormwater Permit.

A. Not every industry needs coverage. The more industrial your activities the more likely it becomes that you will need to have coverage. Here is a list of industries that need to have coverage.

Q. What happens if I decide to risk not getting coverage?

A. What happens when you speed on the freeway? You have to decide whether or not the risk of not following the law is worth it to you. Here is a link to the size and types of fines that you can receive.

Q. OK, so how likely is it that I will face enforcement?

A. Enforcement priorities can change from year to year. Currently, the EPA is in the middle of an enforcement cycle that is focused on getting industries to improve their stormwater discharge compliance. The Biden administration has also allocated billions in additional funds to help increase enforcement activities and expand the EPA as well. The EPA has a dedicated branch that focuses on environmental enforcement. This should give you an idea about where they focus their efforts.