Hi, I’m Pat John

A tenacious, energetic, and analytical scientist who loves Arizona. I grew up in a small copper mining town just a short drive out of the Phoenix Metro. I obtained a B.S. in Geology from ASU in 1998 and started working in the environmental compliance world right out of school. I obtained an M.B.A from Western New Mexico University in 2012.


Although I wasn’t born in Arizona, I moved to the copper mining town of Kearny, AZ as a teenager. Since that time I have come to claim Arizona as my home state. I love every corner of the state. I love to finding remote swim holes, riding bicycles year round, and convincing family and friends to come along for the ride.


Growing up in a mining town, where all of my friends and family were supported by copper and hard work, I gained a strong appreciation for both protecting the environment and using what resources are available. I believe that we all have an obligation to beneficially use and protect the environment so that our children will be able to prosper and enjoy it in their turn.